country moods


progetto TERRA DI CENISOLA marzo 2009

To those who are convinced seasons still exist


In the countryside, it is possible to experience intensely the characteristics of every season

  • To nature lovers autumn offers wonders of colours, of fruits which recall ancient tastes, of warm yet not blinding sun

  • Winter offers cold, snow, wind and rain, the revelation of the powers of nature and the rediscovery of the charm of festivities

  • Spring can be identified with the word reawakening” of nature, of the will to change

  • In the summer, we can enjoy cool evenings, or mornings in the shade of the vegetation; or we can visit the nearby sea areas (Cinque Terre, Lerici, PortoVenere etc.)

To those who love the colours of nature


I draw inspiration from nature

From the darks, ochre and from the pinks of the earth

From the nuances of green, yellow, orange and brown in the seasonal hues we find in the landscape

My preferences are for neutral tones of ice, ivory, milk, unrefined colours, sand, dust, ecru, honey, Havana brown


Colours which are non-colour, lit by the innumerable variations of fresh, elegant, blinding and pure white, synonym of simplicity, freshness and relax, minimal yet not poor, because it is the colour of material cleanness and of spiritual purity



country moods