country moods


progetto TERRA DI CENISOLA marzo 2009

To those who share with me the same concept of luxury


Commonly used synonymous with luxury are display of riches, pomp, splendour, sumptuousness or magnificence

If we think about luxury we imagine something little accessible and which only few can afford, a dream made concrete by identifiable, tangible products

To me luxury is

  • A disposition of the soul, a combination of emotion and functionality

  • Love and care for small details

  • To dedicate oneself to ones friendships, to books, to learn to recognize oneself and all those things we are habitually forced to neglect

  • To live without watches: the obsession of time that goes by is a fixation, which conditions our existence

To those who value discretion


There are no codified canons, which can define discretion exactly

Every decision I make, how I speak, I dress, I live, how I relate myself to the others reflect instinctively measure, sobriety and good taste






To those whose dream is to live in the countryside


To treat oneself with the experience of living in the countryside, even for a limited period can open up to new horizons, it can allow discovering the taste for unfussiness, it can allow revaluating latent values



country moods